EVENTS AND PLACES: Melbourne’s best rental stores

1 Sep

As any film student that’s ‘accidentally missed’ a cinema screening or finds themselves inadvertently time-poor when penning a film assignment knows, for many art house and cinema studies films, the local Blockbuster simply won’t cut it. Or, alternatively, for those that are sick of being forced to choose between the latest blow-things-up epic, opposites-attract romcom or yet another Ron Howard-directed paint-by-numbers pap piece, here is a guide to the some of the best art house and alternative cinema rental stores in Melbourne.

If anybody has any other submissions please let me know!

The Movie Reel

Address: 69 – 71 High St, Northcote

Website: The Movie Reel

Containing a wide variety of art house, foreign, cult and other hard to find films, the Movie Reel also offers an impressive range of TV series. The sprawl of film paraphernalia that decorates the walls and benches confirms that this is a store for films lovers, and the use of directors to divide the films on offer into sections is a novel (and helpful) touch.

Small Screen

Address: 420 Rathdowne St, Carlton

Website: Official Small Screen Facebook Page

Don’t be deceived by Small Screen’s small size; a ’boutique’ collection of over 3000 DVDs can be found inside this Carlton store. Specialising in foreign cinema and TV series, Small Screen offers DVDs (and more recently Blu-Ray discs) for both rent and sale.

Video Dogs

Address: 178 Farraday St, Carlton

Website: Video Dogs

Video Dogs promises customers 365-days-a-year access to not only the newest releases (which are somewhat snobbishly dubbed as generally mediocre) but a large collection of the greatest films ever made. The most impressive feature of Video Dogs is their comprehensive website, which offers both a full list of all films (and TV series) available instore, and an option to rent via a post-out service.

Picture Search Video

Address: 139 Swan St, Richmond

Phone: 03 94295639

Although Picture Search Video’s initial join up fee seems somewhat pricey in comparison to many other rental stores, this Richmond store offer thousands of hard-to-find films. If you can’t find it on DVD, chances are that there will be a VHS (remember those) copy ready for rental.


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