JUST FOR FUN: “George Lucas in Love”

7 Sep


Star Wars via Shakespeare In Love. Not the most likely of pairings, however, the end result, ‘George Lucas in Love’, acts as both a loving homage and a knowing parody of the Star Wars universe.

Although GLIL is often mistakenly identified as a student film, director Joe Nussbaum and those associated with the 8 minute production were a few years out of The University of Southern California when they produced the impressive short. Released via the internet in October 1999, GLIL sketches over a young George Lucas’ days at USC in 1967, as he struggles to find inspiration for the script he is writing. Young Lucas encounters many characters that will be instantly recogniseable to anyone even vaguely familiar with Star Wars, as he tries to move beyond his initial premise, of a space farmer stuck with a bad crop of ‘space wheat’.

Beautifully shot and considerably well acted, GLIL is both genuinely humours and expertly crafted. Received well by critics, fans and Lucas himself (who responded personally and positively to the filmmakers after he was sent a copy), this short is an excellent and entertaining watch for even those uninterested in Lucas and Star Wars.

View George Lucas In Love

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