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About Em L

Having grown up in the cultural vacuum that is rural Victoria, I escaped to Melbourne in 2004 to complete a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) at Melbourne University majoring in New Media (otherwise known as Melbourne Uni code for film studies). I also studied art theory, philosophy, creative writing and theatre (when forced to). I’m currently studying a Post-Grad Dip of Journalism at La Trobe University…but can’t wait to explore life beyond Melbourne.

I’m a dedicated film geek, with a love of most things arty-foreign-wanky, ultra-bloody-violent, cult-teen-pic-classic, ponderously-dysfunctionally-dramatic and the occasional post-apocalyptic French comedy that focus on clowns and cannibalism. I still enjoy the occasional blockbuster or romcom cheesefest though.

Having completed a 16k thesis on feminine adolescent representation in contemporary cinema (or teen chicks in recent flicks) during a particularly arduous honors year, I became slightly weary of reading…but I am slowly learning to enjoy reading film journals and film theory books again. Ahem. Film GEEK.

Still trying to break out of the Converse sneaker, black rimmed glasses, pierced, button-wearing art student mould, but can’t deny a love of vinyl, vintage movie posters, retro game consoles (Alex the kid, Alex the kid…), the Westgarth theatre, BBC comedy and loud, live, beer-soaked music.

To contact Em L regarding questions, comments or suggestions e-mail: emjsl86@gmail.com


Ash J. Williams is my hero.
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