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JUST FOR FUN: ‘La Puppe’

12 Aug


In 1962, French film-maker Chris Marker released the ground breaking 28-minute short La Jetee, a beautifully presented story told almost entirely through the use of still photo imagery and voice over narration. Set in post-apocalpytic France, a sinister ruling council experiment with time travel in an attempt to avert the Nuclear war that has forced humanity underground.

If you haven’t yet encountered this short within a film studies course I highly recommend you seek it out immediately and not just for its sheer brilliance; rather, if you have seen La Jetee you can then turn your attention to La Puppe, a loving 10-minute homage made by film student Timothy Green in 2003. Despite being told through the eyes of a stuffed toy dog, it is easy to look beyond the novelty factor and appreciate the humour  of the film. While perhaps not as philosophically ponderous as the original, it is nevertheless a clever re-imagining of the original story, and well worth watching. 

Find it here: La Puppe